R&D Performance

Research development status

Development details Field of application Development status
Development of Heat Balls and Manufacturing Methods Smartphones, displays Development complete
Development of electric ball and manufacturing method Smartphones, displays Development complete
Develop reflective spray Safety gear Development complete
Develops and manufactures EMI Shield Film Smartphones, displays Under development
Development of Solder ball and Manufacturing Methods Semiconductor/BGA Under development
Development of nano fiber EMI Shield Film material Smartphones, displays Under development

Current status of national projects

Development details Field of application Research period
By using the Sputtering technology, we can see that we can improve our thermal conductivity by more than Develop a new radiator material possible Smartphones, displays Complete(2015.7~2016.6)
Development of Sputter Cassord that can improve efficiency by over 30% Smartphones, displays Complete(2016.7~2017.6)
EMI Shielding Performance of Above 55dB
Developed EMI Shield Film Decomputation
Smartphones, displays In progress(2016.8~2018.8)
Plastic core-shell
Development of Cu-Free Challenge Joint for BGA
Semiconductor packaging In progress(2017.04~2018.12)
Development of high-efficiency ultra-low-price solar cells based on quantum structures
(Sputtering participating companies)
Solar cell In progress(2017.02~2019.07)